To comply with tax regulations, Kinsta charges sales tax, VAT, or GST as required for customers located in certain locations.

Which Locations Are Subject to Tax?

Can I Get an Exemption or Zero Rate?

In some cases, yes.

Sales Tax Exemption

If your organization is exempt from sales tax, please open a new chat with our Support team and provide a copy of your tax exemption certificate. If you need more information about tax exemptions, your state’s department of revenue can answer any questions you may have.

EU and UK VAT Zero Rate

If your account is a company account and you enter a valid VAT Number in MyKinsta, we are allowed — under applicable tax rules — to set a zero rate VAT. This means that we will charge 0% VAT. If you have a VAT number, you should add it in MyKinsta to make sure VAT is not charged to you. As a VAT registered business, you will still be responsible for VAT under the reverse charge mechanism of your country.

Indian GST

If you have a company account and you add a valid GST Number in MyKinsta from the same state shown in your billing address, you will not be charged GST. You will still be responsible for reporting and paying GST on our services under the reverse charge mechanism in India.

Can I Get a Refund From Past Invoices?

Unfortunately not. We cannot refund sales tax collected prior to having exemption or zero-rate documentation on file.

More Information

For more details, please see our in-depth guides: