How do I Add a Domain to a Site/Install?

Updated on November 05, 2017

When you migrate your site to Kinsta and add a site, a temporary domain is created for you automatically ( After finishing the transfer, please make sure you add the final domain to your install before you update your DNS and point your site’s traffic to us. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1

In MyKinsta, click into “Sites” on the left and then on “Manage” next to your site.

Manage WordPress site

Manage WordPress site

Step 2

Click into “Domains” and then on “Add Domain.”

add domain


Step 3

Then add your domain names. If you’re using both www and non-www versions of your domain, be sure to add both!

Add a domain

Add a domain

Step 4

You will then want to assign a primary domain. This is the domain visitors will see, whether you choose your www or non-www version. If you are just migrating to Kinsta, ensure to pick the same version you were previously using.

Assign primary domain

Assign primary domain

After that, you’ll only have to update your DNS and allow some time for the DNS to propagate, which typically is 24 hours.

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