We take no joy in banning plugins. However, we’ve optimized our platform for high-performance, reliability, and security. Because of this, there are some plugins that are not allowed or won’t work properly in the Kinsta environment. In general, we don’t allow caching, backup, or related posts plugins.

If a plugin is on our list, it’s because our sysadmin team has identified an issue with it. These problems are typically tied to performance or functionality. We are always working with third-party plugin developers to ensure compatibility with our platform. For example, WP Rocket used to be on our banned list and now we are partners with them.

Banned Plugins

Caching Plugins

Using caching plugins will deteriorate performance and in most cases don’t work on our platform. We already have different types of server-level caching implemented, both object caching and page caching, which is much better than any plugin can do on a PHP level. Learn more about how we handle WordPress caching.

  • Cache Enabler
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • WP Fastest Cache

Exception: We do support WP Rocket version 3.0 and higher. Their caching functionality will automatically be disabled when running at Kinsta. This allows you to use our built-in caching solution but still utilize the other optimization features WP Rocket has to offer.

Backup Plugins

Kinsta already provides daily automatic backups and downloadable backups for all your sites on your account, therefore backup plugins are not needed in most cases. They can also cause unnecessary performance issues and eat up your bandwidth.

Note: This list is not exhaustive; all non-incremental backups are not allowed.

  • All-in-One WP Migration
  • BackupBuddy
  • BackWPup
  • Snapshot
  • Updraft
  • WP DB Backup
  • WP DB Backup Made

If you do want to save backups offsite, see our post on incremental backup plugins you can use at Kinsta.

Image Optimization Plugins

We do not allow server-based image optimization plugins or packages/software due to performance impacts. This also includes the installation of packages to be used by image optimization scripts. Our post on image optimization contains plenty of WordPress plugins you can use that do the compression on third-party cloud servers. These are fine to use at Kinsta.

Performance Plugins

  • Better WordPress Minify
  • P3 Profiler
  • Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions
  • WordPress GZIP Compression: GZIP is already enabled on all Kinsta servers.
  • WP-Optimize
  • JCH Optimize (reasons: constant PHP stress, high bandwidth usage, can’t cache, can’t optimize for CDN)

Misc Plugins

  • Allow PHP Execute
  • Dynamic Widgets
  • Exec-PHP
  • Inactive User Deleter
  • Pipdig Power Pack (P3)
  • WP RSS Multi Importer
  • WordPress Popular Posts

Security Plugins

A lot of security plugins cause performance issues due to their always-on and scanning functionalities. Another reason is that of how our infrastructure is set up at Kinsta. Many features in security plugins such as IP blocking, geo-blocking, etc., will not work as intended due to the fact that we use Google Cloud Load Balancers. We have implemented a lot of these tools such as IP blocking in our MyKinsta dashboard because they have to be configured differently.

We also highly recommend utilizing a solution such as Cloudflare or Sucuri, along with Kinsta, if you need extra protection or help to decrease bot and or proxy traffic. Check out our blog post on how Sucuri helped to easily mitigate a DDoS attack.

  • Login Wall

Social Media Plugins

  • Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP Pages by PageFrog
  • Facebook Open Graph, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags

Nulled Plugins

Nulled plugins typically refer to premium WordPress plugins or themes that have been hacked or contain modified code designed to cause harm or collect information. These are obtained from a third-party website (not the original author or creator) and sometimes are made to work without a license key.

We offer a free hack-fix guarantee here at Kinsta, but this guarantee doesn’t apply if you’re using a nulled plugin.

Incompatible Plugins

  • WooCommerce Amazon & eBay Integration: Requires PHP function proc_open which is disabled in our environment due to security reasons.

Complete List

Feel free to compare the list below against your current /wp-content/plugins/ directory.