For Kinsta customers having issues connecting via SSH or SFTP, please follow the directions below. Sometimes this happens because IP addresses have changed and the old one is still stored in your known_hosts file which is used for SSH and SFTP connections.

Can’t Connect via SSH or SFTP – Delete SSH known_hosts

If you are having trouble connecting, first ensure you are using the correct password. You can always change your SFTP and or SSH password from within your MyKinsta dashboard. If you are still having issues, follow the directions below to delete entries from your known_hosts file.

delete known_hosts file


  1. Open up terminal and edit the following file with nano text editor.
nano ~/.ssh/known_hosts
  1. Remove all entries that start with your Kinsta IP address (found within your MyKinsta dashboard
  2. Then save the document (Ctrl+x)


If you are on Windows, it also has a similiar known_hosts file but the credentials and IP are stored in the registry.

  1. Launch regedit from your start menu. Example below is using Windows 10.regedit
  2. Browse to the following directory:


  3. Remove all entries that end with your Kinsta IP address (found within your MyKinsta dashboard