If you have a Kinsta account, you can pull your sites into DevKinsta.

To import a new site in DevKinsta, see the Import from MyKinsta section of our Creating a Site With DevKinsta guide.

Pulling a site into DevKinsta and making a local backup of the site can also be used as an alternative backup method.


  1. Select the site you want to pull to in DevKinsta.
  2. Click the Sync button and select Pull from Kinsta in the dropdown menu.
  3. If you are not already logged in to your MyKinsta account in your DevKinsta settings, you’ll be prompted to log in (and provide 2FA if it’s enabled).
  4. Select the environment (Live, Standard Staging, or Premium Staging) you want to pull from.
  5. You can choose what to pull from your hosted site to your DevKinsta site:
    • only the selected files,
    • only the database,
    • or both.
  6. Click Update local site to begin the pull process.