Your site IP address (IPv4) can be found in the MyKinsta dashboard under your site’s “Info” tab. This is the IP address that you should point your domain to at your DNS provider.

"Site IP Address" in MyKinsta.

“Site IP Address” in MyKinsta.

IP Address Info

We use Cloudflare to secure our hosting infrastructure, and therefore the corresponding IP you see for your site is a Cloudflare IP address. The owner of the IP address is Cloudflare, Inc., located in the United States of America.

The IP address doesn’t reflect the physical place your data is hosted, nor does it add any further latency to your site. Your website files and database, including backups, are stored in the Google Cloud Platform data center location you choose, and we do not move or copy your website’s files anywhere else.

However, certain pieces of data related to your websites’ visitors, files, and the database will necessarily leave that data center in a few scenarios. Check out our knowledge base article to learn when that might occur.

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