Multi-User Access – How to Grant Access to Additional Users

Updated on December 08, 2017

You can grant access to additional users in your My Kinsta dashboard by using a new feature called “Companies.” This allows clients to manage their assets much more easily.

Multi-User Access

To add multiple users access you can grant new access to your current company or add additional companies and then create WordPress sites attached to them. Follow the steps below.

1. Create New Company

You can see which company you’re currently logged in as in the sidebar, under your name. Use the drop-down to switch companies and go to the settings section to add new ones.

Add new company

Add new company

2. Grant New Access

You can click on “Grant New Access” under the company screen to create additional logins for individuals.

Grant new access

Grant new access

Input their email address and click “Send.” The new user will receive an email with a link in which they can setup an account.

New access

New access

Note: This is the first step in a larger strategy that will eventually allow you to attach multiple users to each company with restricted privileges. For now you can add additional users to your company but each of them will be an admin so use with care! We will make changes to this in the future to make the system more flexible, stay tuned!

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