Multi-User Access – How to Grant Access to Additional Users

Updated on July 19, 2018

You can grant access to additional users in your MyKinsta dashboard by using a feature called “Companies.” This allows you and your clients to manage assets more easily. Check out all the details below on how to utilize multi-user access at Kinsta and what your options are as an agency.

How Multi-User Access Works

Kinsta uses companies to associate users and plans with sites hosted on our platform. So understanding how companies work at Kinsta will help you understand how you can work with multiple sites, users, and plans on our platform. Think of companies as the central point in this arrangement that plans, users, and sites revolve around:

  • A hosting plan is applied to a specific company
  • Each site belongs to just one company
  • You as a user can have access to one or more companies

So companies are the central unit around which everything else is organized.

Access and Permissions

Let’s say you create a company. You then add a plan to that company. Once the company has a plan, you can add sites to the company. However, the sites and the plan are linked to the company, not to you as the user.

You can grant another user access to your company. Once that has been done, two users now have access to your company and can access and manage the sites and plan linked to that company. When a user has access to a company they have full access to the sites and plan linked to that company.

Grant New User Access

Follow the steps below to grant new access to your current company.

Step 1

Click into “Settings” and then click on the “Company” tab. At the bottom click on “Grant New Access” to create additional logins for individuals.

MyKinsta grant new access

MyKinsta grant new access

Step 2

Input their email address and click “Send.” The new user will receive an email with a link in which they can setup an account.

New access

New access

By default, each user added will be an admin so use with care! We will make changes to this in the future to make the system more flexible, stay tuned. Or you can also create additional companies as seen below.

Create New Company

If you are working with multiple clients or agencies you might want to create additional companies for your sites, and then grant access to the company. To do this click into “Settings” and then on “Create New Company.”

Add new company

Add new company

You can see which company you’re currently logged in as in the sidebar, under your name. Use the drop-down to switch companies.

Switch between multiple companies

Switch between multiple companies

Read more in detail below about which setup might work best for you and your clients.

How Can Agencies Use Companies?

As an agency, you currently have two options when it comes to multi-user access:

Option 1: You can create one company, add a large plan to it, and load it up with all of your client’s sites. However, if you do that, you cannot add your client’s as users to MyKinsta. Why is this? Because, as we stated earlier, when a user has access to a company they have full access to the sites and plan linked to that company.

Agency multi-user access

In the above image, we can see that all sites are in one company and just one user has access to that company. The reason the other users have not been granted access is that if they were granted access they too would have access to all sites in the company.

The benefit to this option is that the cost per site is lower because all of the sites are hosted on one large plan and contained within one company. The downside is that your customers will not have access to MyKinsta and you as an agency takes on the burden of invoicing your clients.

Option 2: Each one of your customers can create their own company, add a small plan to it, and add just their own site(s) to the company. They can then add you (the agency) as a user, which will allow you to have full access to the customer’s company and access the sites contained in the company.

Customer company agency

If each site is set up in its own company then each of your clients can have access to their own company and site while you (the agency) are granted access to all of the companies and sites.

The benefit to this option is that you as an agency no longer have to think about billing your customer for hosting. The billing arrangement is made between Kinsta and your customers. Also, because they have their own company and user, this means your customers can contact Kinsta directly when they need assistance.

How Does this Compare to Reseller Hosting?

With reseller hosting, you typically purchase hosting and resell it to your clients. The host typically offers an integrated billing system, which allows you to bill your customers directly from the host’s interface. In addition, the customer is provided access to a private hosting control panel that only contains their websites.

The closest thing currently available at Kinsta is option 1 discussed above. Where this diverges from reseller hosting is that you cannot add your customers as users within MyKinsta. Your customers will not have access to the hosting account. With reseller hosting the end user does have access to a hosting account.

What is Tiered User Access?

When we talked about tiered or limited users access at Kinsta, what we mean is the ability to add a user to a company that does not have total access to all sites and the plan linked to that company.

Hosting tiered access

With tiered access, users with limited privileges can be granted access to specific sites. Currently, Kinsta does not offer this feature, but it’s currently being worked on. When we launch this feature, you as an agency will be able to add users to your company and only grant those users access to specific sites and to block their access to the plan details entirely.

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