Overage notifications are enabled by default on all accounts, but you can enable/disable them by visiting User Settings.

In the MyKinsta dashboard click on your user icon on the bottom left-hand side and into “User Settings.” Scroll down and you’ll see a toggle for the overage notification. You can also choose between just receiving messages in MyKinsta or email.

Enable overage notifications

Enable overage notifications

Below we’ll explore the different types of overages at Kinsta.

Visits Overage

Kinsta’s hosting plans are based on the total number of monthly visits to your site on the server. The number of visits in a given month is the sum of the unique IP address seen within a 24-hour period as recorded in the Nginx logs.

Visits overage

Visits overage

If you hit your plan’s visitor cap we’ll keep your sites running but charge you an overage fee ($1/1,000 visits) after a specific number of visitors. Don’t worry, we’ll send you a notification at 80% and 100% usage. Learn more about how Kinsta counts visitors.

Upgrades Are Not Applied Retroactively

Important note about overages: When you upgrade plans your new plan takes effect immediately from the time you make the change. If you’ve incurred any overages before upgrading those overages will still be applied to your next invoice. This is because when you upgrade plans your new plan is only in force going forward from the moment you make the change. The new upgraded plan is not applied retroactively.

For example, let’s say you register for the Starter plan ($30 per month / basically $1 per day / allows 20k visits). Over the next 30 days, you get 100,000 visits which result in an overage of 80k visits. On the 30th day, you upgrade to the Business 1 (B1) plan. We would reimburse you $1 for the remainder of the Starter plan and charge you $3.33 for one day on the B1 plan. So before considering any overage, the total cost would have been $32.33 ($29 for 29 days on the Starter plan, $3.33 for one day on the Business 1 plan). You would then still be responsible for the one-time overage of 80k visits, which comes out to $80 ($1 / 1,000 visits).

Disk Space Overage

Hosting plans at Kinsta have always included a set amount of SSD disk space, and if you exceeded this, we would reach out and ask you to reduce your disk space usage or upgrade your plan. This was never an ideal solution. Beginning December 3, 2019, you’ll be able to exceed your plan’s disk space allocation and we won’t force you to upgrade your plan but charge a modest overage fee. Disk space usage will be calculated daily and the applicable overage charge will be prorated daily at the rate of $2 USD per GB.

Sample Disk Overage Calculation

Let’s say you have a 5 GB disk space overage in a 31-day month. Here’s what the daily overage calculation would look like.

($2 overage rate/31 days) x 5 GB = $0.32/day

In reality, the exact overage in terms of gigabytes will fluctuate daily on a production site, so the exact overage amount will vary slightly day to day.

You can monitor your disk space usage on your MyKinsta Dashboard. We’ll also send you a notification at 80% and 100% usage.

Disk usage overage

Disk space overage

To avoid overage charges, you can upgrade to a larger plan or purchase our new disk space add-on. You can find and activate it on the same page where you see your plan.

CDN Overage

Each of our hosting plans come with a generous amount of free CDN bandwidth for both new and current clients. If you hit your CDN limit we’ll keep your sites running but we’ll charge you a fee after each additional GB ($0.10 / GB). Learn more about our CDN bandwidth.

CDN overage

CDN overage

Bandwidth Overage

Important: The following only applies to those of you on our legacy plans. Our new plans, which launched as of November 2017, are based on visitor counts and therefore bandwidth is not applicable.

There is a bandwidth limit on all of our legacy plans. We allow you to exceed that limitation by paying $1/GB. We’ll send you a notification at 80% and 100% usage. Learn more about how Kinsta counts visitors. The overage fee (if there’s any) will be charged at the end of each month. If you continuously go over month after month then we’ll reach out and ask you to upgrade your plan. You can easily see your resource usage on your MyKinsta dashboard.

As you approach your monthly limit it will change accordingly.

Bandwidth overage

Bandwidth overage

If you exceed your current plan’s bandwidth by over 250 GB, and haven’t upgraded your plan, you automatically will be charged at the end of the first week following the overage. If a 2nd billing attempt fails we reserve the right to suspend your account until the issue is resolved.

Extreme Overages

Our normal policy is to address overages on your hosting plan’s renewal date. However, in the case of an extreme overage, we may need to take action on the overage prior to your hosting plan’s renewal date.

An extreme overage occurs when the amount of your overage is as large or larger than the cost of your hosting plan, or $500, whichever is less.

For example, if you are on our Starter plan ($30 / month) an extreme overage would be an overage of $30 or more. On our Enterprise 2 plan ($900 / month) an extreme overage would be an overage of $500 or more.

When an extreme overage occurs we may opt to resolve the overage sooner by requiring immediate payment of the overage or requiring that you upgrade to a suitable plan. In addition, in the case of an extreme overage, we reserve the right to temporarily limit access to the site or a resource hosted on our servers until the overage has been acceptably resolved.

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