The Tools page in MyKinsta (WordPress Sites > sitename > Tools) is where you can find several tools to help you manage your WordPress site. We describe each tool briefly below and provide links to documentation with more details.

The WordPress Hosting Tools page in MyKinsta.
The WordPress Hosting Tools page in MyKinsta.

Site cache

You can manage your site’s full-page cache by changing the cache expiration or clearing the cache.

Restart PHP

While Managed WordPress Hosting includes self-healing PHP, you can also restart PHP for your site with this tool.

WordPress debugging

Enabling WordPress debug mode can be helpful when troubleshooting. You can enable and disable debug mode in MyKinsta without editing your site’s wp-config.php file.

Search and replace

The search and replace tool makes it easy to do a search and replace in your site’s content from within MyKinsta. No need to install a plugin, use a script, or use the command line.

New Relic monitoring

If you prefer to use New Relic instead of Kinsta’s APM Tool, this is where you can start New Relic monitoring, add your license key, and turn off monitoring when you’re finished troubleshooting. You can also change or remove your license key while monitoring is active.

Password protection

There may be times when you’re working on a site and do not want it to be available to the public. You quickly add basic HTTP authentication to your site by enabling Password protection.


Serving sites over HTTPS instead of HTTP is a recommended and fairly standard practice. When you enable Force HTTPS, all traffic will be redirected from HTTP to HTTPS.


Enabling Geolocation makes it possible to direct traffic and customize your site visitor’s experience based on location (as determined by IP geolocation).

ionCube Loader

If your site has a plugin, theme, or PHP script that uses ionCube to encrypt its code, you’ll need to enable the ionCube Loader extension.

PHP engine

To change your site’s PHP version, select your preferred version under PHP Engine.

Remove Set-Cookie headers

With the Remove Set-Cookie headers tool, you can enable or disable the removal of Set-Cookie headers from cached responses. This tool is enabled by default, and the Set-Cookie header is removed from cached responses in all newly created sites at Kinsta.

Site Preview

The Site Preview tool lets you preview your site with your WordPress temporary URL (e.g. with no changes to your site’s database, files, or your domain’s DNS.

Early Hints

Early Hints is a web standard you can use to improve page load times. As part of Kinsta’s Cloudflare integration, Early Hints can be enabled for your WordPress site.


DevKinsta is Kinsta’s local development tool that makes it possible to design, develop, and deploy WordPress sites with a single click on your local machine. DevKinsta is free and available for macOS, Windows, and Ubuntu. Click the Download button to get started.