We are committed to making Kinsta the best managed WordPress hosting platform in the industry. As part of that commitment, we don’t provide email as a part of our hosting plans. Due to several reasons, we recommend keeping your email and hosting separately.

Recommended Email Providers

Sending and receiving email is an integral part of doing business online, so we understand the importance of having a good email provider.

Sending Emails From Your Website

Your email provider will allow you to send and receive emails from and to your email address, but what about emails you need your site to send? Those are called transactional emails, which are those emails that are generated automatically by your WordPress website in response to some sort of user activity. All of our plans include support for transactional email, which we send via MailChannels, a secure and reliable email service.

MX Records

MX records are DNS records that direct your domain’s emails to your email provider. It’s important that these records are set up correctly, or you could experience an interruption in your email service.

If you’re using Kinsta DNS, you can add Gmail MX records with a few clicks in MyKinsta. If you’re using a different email provider, you can still add the necessary MX records to your domain in Kinsta DNS.

For other DNS providers, we recommend checking their specific documentation for more information on adding or editing MX records.