Do You Offer Direct Database Access?

Updated on November 06, 2017

You can connect using phpMyAdmin. Or if you prefer to manipulate databases with tools like HeidiSQL or Sequel Pro, you’ll be happy to know that we support secure SSH tunneling into databases stored on our Google Cloud servers.

Connect to Database with HeidiSQL

Below is an example of how to connect to your database directly using HeidiSQL. Sequel Pro will have similar steps.

Step 1

Download HeidiSQL and install it. When you first launch it you will need to create a new session file using the following information.

  • Network Type: MySQL (SSH Tunnel)
  • Hostname / IP: localhost (or
  • User: MySQL username
  • Password: MySQL password
  • Port: 3306
  • Database: Database name

new session file heidisql

You can find your MySQL username, password, and database name in your My Kinsta dashboard under site info.

ssh access database

Step 2

You will then need to download Plink.exe and specify the location under the “Advanced” tab. Then use the following information.

  • SSH Host: Website IP Address
  • SSH Port: SSH Port
  • Username: SSH username
  • Password: SSH password
  • Local port: 3306

heidisql plink

Again, all of the information above can be obtained from your My Kinsta dashboard under site info.

Step 3

Click “Open” and it should prompt you to trust the host and add the key to your registry.

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