You can view information about your sites in two main locations, the Sites list, and the Site info page.

The site list

The Sites list is your development center where you can see everything you’re working on at the moment.

DevKinsta site list

The list shows you some at-a-glance details like WordPress and PHP versions and site size. You can open the site or the project folder with quick buttons, or you can click the kebab (three-dot) menu next to each site to access the database manager and other tools.

You can click on any site to go to the Site info page, where you’ll find more information and more tools.

Search, Filter, and Sort the Site List

When viewing 10 or more sites, fields for searching, filtering, and sorting sites will appear above the site list:

  • Begin typing in the search field to narrow the list by site name.
  • The filter tabs can be used to narrow the list by running or stopped sites. Set this back to All to show all sites.
  • Use the sort field to sort the list by date added or alphabetically; in either ascending or descending order.

The site detail page

Each site’s info page contains access information, quick buttons for tools, and built-in tools such as the WP_DEBUG switcher.

DevKinsta site information

Basic site information

  • Site type
  • Site Host
  • Site Name
  • Webserver
  • PHP version
  • Database
  • Site Path


  • Enable or disable HTTPS

Database details

  • Host
  • Port
  • Database name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Socket

WordPress specific settings

  • Version
  • Enable WP_DEBUG
  • WordPress Multisite