You can restore a WordPress site from a backup to a staging site right within MyKinsta. This could make your life easier in several ways, such as:

  1. A smoother and more flexible development experience.
  2. See how your site worked previously without having to touch your live site.
  3. Recover and retrieve information from a previous backup without modifying your live site.

When restoring a backup to staging, you have a few options, depending on which environment the backup is coming from:

  • A backup of your Live environment can be restored to any environment.
  • A backup of a Premium Staging Environment can be restored to any Premium or Standard Staging Environment.
  • A backup of a Standard Staging Environment can only be restored to the same Standard Staging Environment.

Restore WordPress Backup to Staging

Log in to MyKinsta and go to WordPress Sites > sitename. If you do not have a staging site to which you want to restore the backup to, you’ll need to create that staging environment (Standard or Premium) first.

Once you have the staging site created, go to the Backups tab. You’ll see a list of your available backups, which are available to restore to your WordPress staging environment.

Next to the backup you want to restore, click the Restore to button, and in the dropdown menu, select the Staging environment you want to restore the backup to.

Restore a WordPress backup to your staging environment.
Restore a WordPress backup to your staging environment.

Depending on the size of your site, this may take several minutes. You can then access your Standard Staging Environment or Premium Staging Environment, which is separate from your live production site.

Note: When restoring a live backup to staging, all staging backups will remain intact, and any custom domains added to the staging environment are retained as well.