You can transfer an SSL certificate you installed on another server. You’ll need to get a copy of your SSL certificate and the certificate’s private key. This private key is created when you generate your CSR and is installed on the server.

If your site is coming from a host that uses cPanel, these can typically be extracted from cPanel directly or from the file manager. If your previous host doesn’t use cPanel, their support team may be able to assist you with getting a copy of your SSL certificate.

Alternatively, you can regenerate your SSL certificate from where you purchased it, whether it’s with your domain registrar or a third-party SSL reseller. To do that, you will need to obtain a copy of the private key or create a new one by generating a new CSR.

Don’t forget we do have free SSL certificates at Kinsta. So unless you have a specific reason for using your existing one, you can take advantage of our easy one-click solution. Otherwise, follow the steps below to transfer your SSL certificate.

Once you have your SSL certificate and key, follow the relevant guide below to install your SSL certificate in MyKinsta.