At Kinsta, all of our plans include support for transactional email.

Transactional email is email generated automatically by your WordPress website in response to some sort of user activity. For example, all of the following are transactional emails:

This isn’t a complete list, but it illustrates the types of emails that are considered transactional.

What types of emails are not considered to be transactional? Transactional emails are sent automatically in response to user activity. Any email that does not meet that definition would not be considered transactional email. The most common types of non-transactional emails are marketing emails and newsletters. Kinsta’s servers should not be used to send non-transactional email.

Transactional Email Limits

While Kinsta does allow transactional email, we do have daily limits on the amount of transactional email allowed. For full details, please see our Acceptable Use Policy.

The daily limits on transactional email are as follows:

How Does Kinsta Handle Violations?

We have various monitoring tools that count outgoing emails and alert our Support team to violations of our transactional email policy. When a violation is discovered, our Support team will reach out to you to resolve the issue. In most cases, this means encouraging you to find an alternative means to send email. In the case of a significant violation of our policies regarding transactional email, email sending functionality may be temporarily disabled until the issue is resolved.

How Can I Send Non-Transactional Email or Additional Transactional Email

If you need to send more transactional emails than what we allow or if you need to send non-transactional emails from your WordPress website, you have two options:

You can learn more about transactional email service providers and professional email marketing platforms by reading our blog post, Email Marketing Software Recommendations.

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