With the introduction of the Kinsta MU plugin, we’ve added some Kinsta branding to help you navigate around the WordPress admin dashboard easier. For example, the Kinsta Cache tab in the admin dashboard sidebar features a Kinsta logo, so you can quickly find the right place to clear your site’s cache when needed.

For agencies and other Kinsta customers who may want to remove the Kinsta branding from the WordPress admin dashboard, we provide a built-in white labeling option. This feature is especially useful if you’re using hosting for or reselling to your own clients.

Before and after white labeling the Kinsta MU plugin in your WordPress dashboard.
Before and after white labeling the Kinsta MU plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

Enabling white labeling will change three elements in the WordPress dashboard.

  1. The branded Kinsta Cache sidebar link will be changed to an unbranded Cache Settings link.
  2. The Thanks for creating with WordPress and hosting with Kinsta message near the bottom of the dashboard will be replaced with Thank you for creating with WordPress.
  3. The Kinsta logo on the Cache Control page will be removed or replaced with an image of your choice.
  4. The links to Kinsta documentation and support will be removed.

How to White Label a Kinsta Site

To white label your admin, you’ll need to define some constants, preferably in the wp-config.php file. The two constants available are KINSTAMU_WHITELABEL and KINSTAMU_LOGO.

  • Setting KINSTAMU_WHITELABEL to true will remove Kinsta branding, including text and images.
  • Setting KINSTAMU_LOGO to an image URL will use the designated image as the logo.

If you use your own logo please make it 32px high as this is the maximum height allowed for that element.

Here’s an example of a white label configuration in wp-config.php.

define('KINSTAMU_WHITELABEL', true);
define('KINSTAMU_LOGO', 'https://mylogo.com/mylogo.jpg');

To disable white labeling, just remove the constants from wp-config.php. White labeling is just one example of Kinsta’s extensive feature set for WordPress agencies and single users alike. If you’re interested in other site management features on Kinsta, check out our site labeling and site renaming tools!