Have a billing question about your hosting plan at Kinsta? No problem, we’ve compiled all the most common billing questions and issues clients typically run into all in one place.

Many of the questions below come directly from our billing and sales teams and are sorted, for the most part, in order of most frequently asked. Click on a question below to jump directly to the answer.

Does Kinsta Send Email Notifications When I Exceed My Hosting Plan’s Limit?

At the moment, Kinsta doesn’t send emails about overages. You can track your resource usage in the MyKinsta dashboard. You will, however, get an in-dashboard message about overages via our support ticketing system.

Visits overage

Visits overage

Learn more about how overages work at Kinsta.

How Can I Apply for a Nonprofit Discount?

To get a nonprofit discount, you will need to send us a 501c3 form or your country’s equivalent documentation that confirms nonprofit status. Once we’ve confirmed nonprofit status, we’ll apply the 15% discount to all of your future payments.

Important: Your nonprofit site needs to have its own separate account to be eligible for the discount.

Learn more about how nonprofit discounts work at Kinsta.

I Added My VAT Number, but My Invoice Stills Shows a VAT Charge

If you’ve already added your VAT number but your upcoming invoice still shows a VAT charge, here are a couple of reasons why:

  1. The VAT number is not valid or doesn’t exist.
  2. The VAT number format is incorrect. It should always be a two-letter country code followed by 10 numbers without any extra characters. For example, this is how a Belgian VAT number would appear: BE0661333385. You can manually check VAT numbers on the European Commission’s website.
  3. The VAT number is not recognized by EU’s online system. This typically means that the country-level VAT number is not registered. You can work with an accountant to register your VAT number with the EU’s online system. Once that has been done zero rate invoices can be applied for all future payments.
  4. You are a UK company. According to UK law, Kinsta has to charge VAT to UK companies. Zero rating VAT applies to trade between two different EU countries. Since Kinsta is registered in the United Kingdom we can not zero-rate invoices for companies also in the United Kingdom. If you are a UK company, you should still add your EU VAT number as you may be able to apply for a VAT reimbursement through your local tax authorities.

If you think none of the above apply, please reach out to our support team and ask them to regenerate your invoice.

I Added My VAT Number After Signup, Can Kinsta Refund the VAT Charge?

Unfortunately, Kinsta cannot refund VAT charges. You will need to work with your accountant to claim it back later.

EU regulations on VAT apply at the time of payment. Meaning that if we don’t have a valid VAT number at the time of payment we are required to collect and pay VAT. Since we can’t receive a refund on VAT, we don’t have the ability to refund it back to you.

How Can I Move or Change My Billing Date?

Unfortunately, our payment provider, Stripe, doesn’t provide an option to change the renewal date of an existing subscription.

There is one possible workaround, but it should only be done if you absolutely need to change your billing date. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new company.
  2. Add a plan to the new company on the date you wish to use as your renewal date.
  3. Open up a ticket with our support team and ask us to move your sites and DNS records to the new company.
  4. Once everything has been moved, you can cancel your plan with the old company.

Important: Kinsta cannot delete old companies. Therefore, your old company will be forever associated with your MyKinsta user profile.

Can I Pay My Invoice in Advance or Add a Credit to My Account?

Our payment provider, Stripe, doesn’t support this. Therefore we can’t accept advance payments.

Can I Increase the CDN Bandwith on My Plan?

Each of Kinsta’s hosting plans includes a certain amount of free CDN bandwidth. You can increase your CDN bandwidth by upgrading to a higher hosting plan.

For Enterprise or custom plans, we can customize the CDN bandwidth limit for an extra fee. You will need to reach out to our sales team as bandwidth upgrades are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Does Kinsta Support Other Currencies Besides USD?

Currently Kinsta only accepts payment in USD, but we will soon be supporting more currencies.