Our hosting platform doesn’t fall into any of the traditional hosting categories. Our entire infrastructure is built on Google Cloud and is different from traditional shared, VPS, or dedicated infrastructure.

Every site on our platform runs in an isolated software container that contains all of the software resources required to run the site (Linux, NGINX, PHP, MySQL). This means that the software that runs each site is 100% private and is not shared even between your own sites. We use Linux containers as the underlying container technology for our infrastructure.

Kinsta hosting architecture

Kinsta hosting architecture

Each site container runs on a generously sized virtual machine in one of multiple Google Cloud Platform (GCP) data centers and is secured behind the GCP firewall. Hardware resources (RAM/CPU) are allocated to each site container automatically by our virtual machines on an as-needed basis (a neat feature we refer to as auto-scaling).

Everything is interconnected over the highly reliable Google Cloud Platform’s “premium tier” network. This is designed to minimize distance and hops, resulting in faster more secure global transport of your data.

To learn more about how Kinsta is different from other hosts read Why us – how Kinsta is different.