With the introduction of the Kinsta MU plugin, we’ve added some Kinsta branding to help you navigate around the admin. We’ve also built-in the option to white label the Kinsta-branded parts of your admin which should be especially helpful for agencies.

White label Kinsta admin

White label Kinsta admin

To white label your admin you’ll need to define some constants, preferably in the wp-config.php file. The two constants available are KINSTAMU_WHITELABEL and KINSTAMU_LOGO. Settings the first to true will remove all Kinsta branding including text and images. Setting the later to an image URL will use that URL as the logo.

define('KINSTAMU_WHITELABEL', true);
define('KINSTAMU_LOGO', 'https://mylogo.com/mylogo.jpg');

If you use your own logo please make it 32px high as this is the maximum height allowed for that element.

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