What is a Visit?

A visit to your website is when a page or other resource on your site is requested by a site visitor. Kinsta’s hosting plans are based on the total number of monthly visits to your site.

What Generates a Visit and What Doesn’t

Here are a few examples of each:

  • When someone loads a page of your site, this counts as a visit.
  • If that person then goes to another page of your site, this is still considered one visit.
  • A visit to any environment (Live, Standard Staging, or Premium Staging) counts as a visit.
  • If someone uses two different browsers on the same computer (or network) to view your site, it’s treated as one visit because the IP address is the same. This is also why every visit in a day from the same location is considered one visit no matter how many devices were used. As long as the same internet connection with the same IP address is used on the same day, it’s one visit.
  • If someone visits your site from their workplace (outside of their home) and then visits your site again from their home, these are counted as separate visits because two different IP addresses are used.
  • Visits from well-known “bot” user agents are not counted as visits, and we do our best to filter those out.

For more details, including information about visitor analytics, see our in-depth article on How Kinsta Counts Visits.