Kinsta offers 24/7 support via our chat system, which is always one click away in MyKinsta. Our team of engineers are developers, contribute to WordPress core, and use WordPress on a daily basis. As a result, the expertise of our Support team is second to none. You’ll always have a knowledgeable team member on the other end.

Support work often requires careful, focused thought and investigation. Keeping support solely online allows us to better help you troubleshoot your website speedily and more efficiently. Our engineers can focus all their energy on solving your support concerns with the least amount of distractions and interruptions. This, in turn, means that your support requests are ultimately resolved faster. We believe it wouldn’t be possible to provide the same effective assistance over the phone.

Here are a few additional reasons why:

  • A chat lets us immediately pull up your customer information, so we don’t need time to figure out who you are.
  • Our system allows for two-way sharing of screenshots, links, code snippets, and videos of problems you are having. This ensures everyone is on the same page and, in turn, helps our Support team pinpoint the issues faster.
  • We can automatically gather technical information for research and troubleshooting purposes and link you directly to our online documentation, which we are constantly improving.
  • All support chats and conversations are stored for access at all times. This allows anyone on our team to pick up where another left off without having to ask you questions twice.

By focusing on online support channels, we can scale our support and dedicate resources to continually improve and innovate our all-in-one hosting platform. But don’t just take our word for it; check out feedback from happy Kinsta clients.

Kinsta provided the best-in-class performance while reducing our teams dependency on DevOps support — Kinsta’s support team is second to none.
Jake Martin
Jake Martin, Sr. Mgr Web Architect, Intuit
Our agency has worked with all the major hosting platforms. Kinsta is crazy fast and the support is stellar! We moved all our clients to Kinsta and haven’t looked back.
Brent Martel
Brent Martel, inklinemedia
Just finished switching our website to Google Cloud infrastructure at Kinsta, Super fast and fantastic customer support!
Thank you Kinsta for my super fast hosting and much happier clients. Plus, your customer service is absolutely priceless!
Kase Dean
Kase Dean