While we do not currently offer reseller plans that include a billing system, we have an affiliate program for all of our services, a referral program for all of our paid services, and an Agency Partner Program for Managed WordPress Hosting.

Kinsta’s Affiliate Program

As a Kinsta affiliate, you can earn commissions on referrals of three different services: Managed WordPress Hosting, Application Hosting, and Database Hosting.

As part of the affiliate program, you can earn a commission for every referral.

Kinsta’s Referral Program

Kinsta’s customer referral program lets you earn credits by referring others to Kinsta with a referral link. As soon as your referrals begin using and paying for any of Kinsta’s services, your credits begin accruing. Those credits are applied to your next invoice and lower the amount due.

WordPress Agency Partner Program

With Kinsta’s Agency Partner Program, you can resell hosting while you build, manage, and launch client sites with ease.

Even if you’re not quite ready to join our Agency Partner Program, you can use a standard plan for reselling. For example, if you’re a small agency with 5 clients, you can signup for a Business 1 plan and resell our hosting services to your clients with that plan.