We have recently moved to a new visitor-based pricing model. For those of you still on our legacy bandwidth-based hosting plans, see details below regarding account changes, upgrades, etc.

  • You can still upgrade and downgrade between the bandwidth-model plans from within the MyKinsta dashboard.
  • The only exception is in regards to the new starter ($30/month) and pro ($60/month) plans. Since these are brand new and were not previously available, they can only be used with the new visitor-based pricing model. You can switch to these at any time by reaching out to our support team.
  • Important: If you downgrade from your bandwidth-based pricing to a visitor-based pricing model, you cannot revert back. The new visitor-based plans also include fewer PHP workers per site. If your site makes great use of our caching, that probably isn’t a concern. However, if your site need the extra PHP workers to handle dynamic page loads, the legacy bandwidth-based plans are probably a better choice. This is particularly true for ecommerce, multisite, and community sites.
  • We just launched our new CDN integration with KeyCDN. All legacy bandwidth-based clients are receiving the same amount of free CDN bandwidth as the new plans. Which is as follows:
    • Starter plan includes 50GB
    • Pro plan includes 100 GB
    • Business 1 plan includes 200 GB
    • Business 2 plan includes 300 GB
    • Business 3 plan includes 500 GB
    • Business 4 plan includes 500 GB
    • Enterprise 1 plan includes 1 TB
    • Enterprise 2 plan includes 1 TB
    • Enterprise 3 plan includes 1 TB
    • Enterprise 4 plan includes 1 TB
  • Our Business 1 plan previously had 1 install and 5 GB SSD, it now has 3 installs and 10 GB SSD.
  • Our Business 2 plan previously had 5 install it now has 10 installs.
  • Our Business 3 plan previously had 15 install it now has 20 installs.
  • Our Business 4 plan previously had 20 install it now has 40 installs.
  • Our Enterprise 1 plan previously had 40 install it now has 60 installs.
  • Our Enterprise 2 plan previously had 60 install it now has 80 installs.

Below are all the details for each legacy bandwidth-model plan.