Kinsta offers customers a lot more than just high-end hosting. We want your business to succeed, and a lot of that starts with turning your site into a well-oiled machine. Let us handle your website, and you can focus on building your business. Read more below about what services are included with our Managed WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting Services Included

Our Managed WordPress Hosting includes automatic updates of OS-level security patches, speed tuning (including performance reviews & caching), daily backups (both files and database with 14-day retention), and full security.


To elaborate on security, we’re talking free hack fixes through our Security Pledge and cloud-based 1st layer defense through our CloudFlare integration on all sites hosted at Kinsta, which will protect against code and SQL injection, Layer 7 DDoS attacks, and generic malware/vulnerability scanners. We keep your site safe from the infrastructure side.

You will still be responsible to make sure all of the application stack of your site is secure, including getting the latest updates of plugins and themes.


In addition, we’re responsible for uptime, including infrastructure and OS-level configurations. We’re also happy to give advice and notifications on WordPress-level problems related to site performance. When a site performance issue is not related to infrastructure, we recommend using a tool like Kinsta’s APM tool to track down performance bottlenecks so that you can work with a developer to address development issues that fall outside our scope of support.

What We Don’t Do

The things we don’t include are custom design or programming, which are best left to our agency partners. That means we don’t take on the task of writing PHP code, creating or editing custom functions for plugins/themes, integrating or fixing external services, fixing issues related to bad themes or plugins, or website content updates. Please read our scope of support for more details.

If you need a recommendation on an agency specializing in WordPress, please reach out, and we’ll try to help point you in the right direction based on your budget, scope, and geographical location. In summary, you still need a web developer and designer, but we take some of the burden off of them, and you no longer need a system administrator.