Placing a survey on your website seems easy enough. Until you’re faced with the wide range of options to do so. Some survey builders offer embeddable code, while others provide seamless WordPress integrations.

In addition, it’s easy to instantly opt for a WordPress survey plugin that doesn’t cost a dime. Yet, many of those options render limited results when collecting feedback from your website visitors.

That’s why we scoured the market for the top WordPress survey plugins by locating the outliers, comparing pricing, and ultimately settling on the ones that provide seamless survey creation and advanced features.

What to Look for in a WordPress Survey Plugin

Ideally, a survey plugin for WordPress doesn’t require any coding to build your surveys or publish them on your website. Beyond that, there are several elements I look for to ensure that I’m not spending money on a survey tool that’s lacking the essentials.

Here are those elements for you to consider which are most important for your operation:

  • Visual or drag-and-drop builders for rapid form creation and minimal use of code.
  • Aggregated survey results with potential filters for locating the most important information.
  • Export tools for using compiled data to make charts and other items in programs like Excel.
  • Multiple user interaction buttons and boxes like text fields and radio buttons.
  • Prebuilt templates to immediately launch a survey based on your industry or desired results.
  • Responsiveness for viewing and using the survey on mobile devices, even when embedded on a WordPress site.
  • Options for real-time survey results to be shown to your users after they submit the survey.
  • Customization tools to add logos, branded colors, and complementary media items.
  • The option to embed your survey or share it to other places online.
  • Notifications that get sent to your team when a survey response is provided.
  • Spam protection that limits the number of fake submissions.
  • Support for unique fields like file uploads or star ratings.
  • Permissions and banning features so as to prevent users from submitting the same survey twice or to stop spammers.

The Best WordPress Survey Plugin Options

Click on the plugin of your choice above to navigate to our in-depth reviews below. We’ll cover elements like ease-of-use, pricing, and the best features from each WordPress survey plugin.

1. YOP Poll

The YOP Poll plugin is a wonderful starting point for those who don’t want to venture into the world of premium, paid plugins for making surveys. That’s understandable in many situations, since many companies, or individuals have no need to pay for surveys when simple data collection is all they require.

YOP Poll doesn’t have the prettiest design interface, but it’s easy to understand, provides basic templates, and you’re not forced to mess with any code. Single and multiple answers are possible, along with scheduling and multiple surveys running at the same time.

YOP Poll WordPress plugin - WordPress survey plugins
YOP Poll WordPress plugin

Designing your survey or poll is done in the WordPress dashboard. You create the questions and answers, then set options like total votes allowed and the end date for that survey.

After that, you can publish the survey and look at results in the same area of the dashboard. What’s nice is that each of these pages have settings to configure for your own dashboard preferences. For instance, you may want to view results as percentages as opposed to raw numbers.

You can also automatically sort the results prior to looking at them.


There’s a free version with plenty of features. After that, the $17 per year personal version gets you started with advanced features like video questions, Facebook integrations, and countdown timers.

Features That Make This a Top WordPress Survey Plugin

  • Creating a poll is simple and visual, allowing for the customization of colors and quick field changes.
  • The survey scheduling allows you to set a certain date and only reveal the survey on your site when that time comes around.
  • The plugin supports multiple polls on your site at one time.
  • There’s a search and filter option to examine past polls and sort them based on metrics.
  • The custom fields are useful for creating the usual surveys without any complicated additions.
  • Restarting a survey or poll is done with the click of a button.
  • You can log or ban users from accessing surveys. The archiving tools are also great for cleaning up your interface.
  • Display answers or results after the user clicks on the Submit button.
  • Choose from simple, yet appealing, templates to get the design process started.
  • Search for specific survey results to see exactly what each respondent said.
  • The premium version offers over 30 premium templates.
  • The premium version also adds various media features, like for incorporating video questions or images in those surveys.

2. Quiz And Survey Master

The Quiz And Survey Master WordPress plugin touts a comprehensive suite of products and features made primarily for building surveys and placing them on WordPress pages and posts.

With its minimalistic design elements and visual bloc builder, the plugin serves as a solid option for those who would rather focus more on making surveys as opposed to the many plugins that offer forms with survey elements added on.

Easily create surveys for users and customize areas like text, questions, and messages that appear after user submissions. It’s a flexible solution that includes quizzes along with the surveys. We like that you can make a survey or quiz that has correct answers or open-ended subjective answers to collect information about your users.

Quiz And Survey Master WordPress plugin - WordPress survey plugins
Quiz And Survey Master WordPress plugin

It’s also nice to see that the plugin includes a category system for assigning tags to your questions. This allows for easier organization when analyzing your data and placing it into charts.


The core plugin is free. The premium plugin starts at $79 per year and offers advanced tools like landing pages, result exports, and conditional logic.

Several addons are available, which are accessible via the $129 per year Premium Bundle or by buying them individually.

Features That Make This a Top WordPress Survey Plugin

  • The plugin has a good collection of prebuilt surveys for event planning, employee engagement, and more.
  • Create an unlimited number of surveys to place on your website.
  • Use funnel optimization to link to Google Analytics.
  • Collect responses and analyze them with bar, pie, and box plot charts.
  • You’re able to ask for email addresses and have them dropped into your email marketing list in tools like MailChimp.
  • Export your results to Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Import data from other sources to combine with the surveys on your site.
  • Choose from a wide range of survey and quiz questions like multiple choice radio buttons, dropdowns, and fill in the blanks.
  • Send out emails to your admins and users when surveys are submitted.
  • Assign categories to questions for organizing and to reveal scores based on specialized categories to your users.
  • Place sharing buttons on quizzes and surveys so people can post the results on social media.
  • The plugin includes options to force the user to log in in order to view and use the survey.
  • There are some unique tracking features like seeing how long each person spends completing a survey.

3. Modal Survey

Modal Survey is listed for sale on CodeCanyon. It’s a premium yet affordable WordPress survey plugin that’s centered strictly on surveys, polls, and quizzes, making it a question-based solution as opposed to a form plugin that also has some survey elements.

Marketed as the best-rated survey plugin on CodeCanyon, Modal Survey offers a quality builder with the freedom to improve your surveys from the free plugins you may have used in the past.

Generate an unlimited number of surveys for your website and display the information from your users with the help of pie charts and bar graphs. This information is shown to the admin by default, but you also have the option to reveal results in percentages of counts after customers fill in the surveys.

Modal Survey WordPress plugin - WordPress survey plugins
Modal Survey WordPress plugin

The built-in themes from Modal Survey bring a sense of simplicity to your design game. For example, you often don’t have to worry about designing the buttons, colors, or sizing of the survey.

You can also expect to see social sharing buttons ready to go when you insert the survey on your website. The conditional rules come in handy for you when you’d like to show a special message for certain answers or send users to other parts of your website.

Overall, the Modal Survey plugin is packed with a wide range of visual elements and additional quizzes and polls giving you the bonus of more interactions with your customers.


It’s a one-time fee of $35. Extending your customer support costs extra.

Features That Make This a Top WordPress Survey Plugin

  • The plugin includes import, export, and backup features to copy your data and send it to other websites.
  • Filters are available to sift through the data accumulated from your survey. Each row of information is detailed like you would see in an Excel spreadsheet, with filters at the top of each column.
  • Place email subscription forms on your servers that link to services like MailChimp and AWeber.
  • You can make surveys that allow for multiple right answers to the question. You may even want to have it possible to select all of the answers for some surveys.
  • Activate rules and redirections based on what the user answered in the previous question.
  • The export function supports several types of files, including PDF, XLS, and CVS. You’re able to export the entire WordPress poll with the click of a button.
  • Various visualization charts are available for your data, such as polar charts, line charts, and radar charts. Some other favorites include doughnut charts and pie charts.
  • Display survey results using percentages and visual charts. Votes are shown if you activate the feature.
  • Show unique messages at the end of the survey based on a user’s score. For instance, if someone scores 99% on a quiz, you may say “Good Job!” A failing score might say something like “Try Again.”
  • The plugin has an impressive collection of answer types to include in surveys, such as number answers, date answers, and lists.
  • You can embed a survey or quiz anywhere on your website, making it easy to drop a survey somewhere in the middle of a blog post or page.
  • The survey configuration is simple and visual. It’s not entirely a drag-and-drop builder, but you’re able to add and remove questions with a click and place images and answers in with the same buttons.
  • All participants have their own pages to consolidate their past scores and see if they have improved over several surveys or quizzes. This comes in handy for quizzes, but also helps companies look deeper into individual customers who may have unique perspectives.
  • You can build a personality test with individual charts that combine user scores and answers.
  • Basic visuals are common, with tools for adding images and progress bars in all surveys. This way, people get a better feel for your questions and know when the survey is almost over. This often increases the likelihood of them completing the surveys.
  • Size customizations allow for you to show a survey in a fullwidth format or by keeping the survey small, like in a widget.
  • Dozens of customization options come into play, such as button displays, animations, font sizing, and more.

4. CrowdSignal

CrowdSignal offers poll and survey creation tools with an approach that fast and simple is the best way to go. You can ensure that all surveys look exactly the way you want them to, and then analyze the results by exporting them to places like Google Sheets or Excel.

One of the reasons we like the CrowdSignal plugin so much is because you can send out interactive surveys via email. This means that the customer sees the form in their email and doesn’t necessarily have to jump to another website to fill it out.

This depends on the email provider, but there are instances where they can remain in their inbox and still submit the answers.

CrowdSignal WordPress plugin
CrowdSignal WordPress plugin

One fun fact about CrowdSignal is that it’s built by Automattic, the company behind This tidbit doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best WordPress survey plugin out there, but we at least know it has a team of reputable developers behind it and it’s made to work well with WordPress.

All in all, the surveys created with CrowdSignal look beautiful and responsive on all devices. You can pick your brand color and work with premade themes without learning any code.

The sharing tools work well for posting results on your blog, Facebook, and Twitter, while the analytics expand on information like total responses and completion rates.


Free for unlimited questions, surveys, ratings, and polls. The features are limited for this plan, but useful for smaller organizations. Features include 2,500 responses, data exports, and embedding of surveys. However, each survey has CrowdSignal branding.

Premium plans begin at $15 per month when billed annually or $25 per month when billed monthly. The feature lists expand quite a bit when you upgrade to one of the premium plans.

Features That Make This a Top WordPress Survey Plugin

  • Place an unlimited number of surveys on your website.
  • Create everything from surveys to polls, and ratings to regular questions.
  • Export all responses to place the data into Excel or other spreadsheet apps.
  • Google Sheets link directly to the plugin so that an export isn’t necessary.
  • Prevent multiple responses from people by blocking users who try to submit twice.
  • You’re able to upload audio and video files to expand upon the functionality of your surveys.
  • This is one of the few plugins that has powerful language packs included, making it easy to reach out to an international audience.
  • Use conditional logic and branching trees to deliver multiple types of messages and questions as users move through your surveys.
  • Real-time access to results which show up when people complete surveys. Activate this feature or turn it off so that only the site admins see the results.
  • You receive access to various customizable themes in some of the plans. These are fully editable with CSS and visual builder tools.
  • Some plans offer domain linking for placing the surveys and polls on your own domain.
  • It’s possible to activate a feature that shows surveys on offline devices.
  • Advanced API access comes with high-level plans for integrating with your systems and expanding upon the customization options.
  • The Team plan provides a large collection of collaboration tools, including multiple user accounts, theme sharing, and survey templates. You can even collaborate on the editing of surveys and send these edits back and forth.

5. Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage outshines much of the competition as a way to generate opinion polls and surveys from scratch or by utilizing a library of premade templates. The plugin allows for images and videos on all surveys to add a hint of color and interactivity to the questionnaires.

The survey maker, packed with features for white labeling and advanced analytics, serves as an option to create polls, forms, and quizzes as well. It’s one of the lesser-known plugins in the WordPress repository, but it still boasts tens of thousands of installations and hundreds of positive reviews.

The popularity of the OpinionStage plugin stems from the modern nature of the templates. They look somewhat similar to surveys you’d see on sites like Buzzfeed or ESPN.

We enjoy the large, colorful buttons and use of visual imagery to ensure the surveys don’t bore readers. In addition, social sharing buttons are included with each poll and survey, with the option to remove the buttons if you’d like.

What’s more, is that the plugin offers six blocks to use with the Gutenberg editor. This is incredibly important to mesh well with the new WordPress editor, especially if you’re not familiar with custom coding.

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker WordPress plugin
Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker WordPress plugin

Some of the blocks include options for regular forms, polls, surveys, and slideshows. A trivia block handles fun questionnaires for users, instead of constantly using the plugin for feedback.

Each survey and form you generate with the plugin uses responsive elements to snap into place when viewed on smaller devices. As for customization, the builder is visual but not a drag-and-drop solution. However, you can adjust everything from color themes to fonts and sizes to custom CSS.


The core plugin is free. It includes basic polling and survey features. The Starter plan runs at $19 per month with annual payments. If paying monthly, the pricing increases to $29 per month.

Small business and high-performance packages are offered as well.

Features That Make This a Top WordPress Survey Plugin

  • Outside of surveys, the OpinionStage plugin includes solutions for content marketing, lead generation, ad revenue, online voting, product finding, and more.
  • The survey maker offers an innovative and modern design process, focusing on visuals and large buttons that convince users to not only start the surveys but continue them.
  • The template library touts a massive collection of quizzes, forms, and surveys. Filter based on topics and types, such as cosmetics, education, finance, and food. Test all themes before implementing them on your website.
  • The plugin works to get you more responses. It maximizes the potential by offering optimized designs and suggestions as you build your surveys.
  • All templates are free.
  • It doesn’t take long to create a survey and launch it on your WordPress site. The survey builder uses an intuitive survey creation form for you to fill out and place in the elements you desire.
  • The advanced survey reporting highlights detailed documents about every aspect of your recent survey campaign. Export the survey data to programs like Excel, and view reports with bar and pie charts.
  • The customization options include colors, themes, fonts, preview widths, and white labeling. Not to mention, a CSS override module resides in the editing section.
  • All survey submissions offer email notifications that you can turn on or off. This alerts you about a recent survey completion and also allows you to reach out to a user if you have questions about their answers.
  • Each survey offers coding snippets to embed the survey anywhere online. Using iframe and JavaScript, surveys go on places like social media, blogs, and ecommerce stores.
  • Make your survey private and secure from hackers and outsiders. Prevent people from submitting multiple times and ensure that all submitted data remains encrypted.
  • The survey skip feature runs with brand logic for displaying followup questions when specific answers are submitted. This way, all questions shown appear relevant and to the point.
  • The plugin connects to various marketing automation software and apps such as GetResponse, MailChimp, AWeber, and Zapier.

6. Watu Quiz

The Watu Quiz WordPress survey plugin contains features for surveys, exams, and quizzes for placement on WordPress sites. The sleek, rapid-result plugin utilizes shortcodes and embeddable surveys for placement anywhere online and your site.

Choose from single answer questions and multiple-choice options, placing them on posts, pages, and widgets. Select between the free and pro versions. We recommend testing out the free, core plugin, as it offers decent features for basic surveys and even exams.

Watu Quiz develops into a lively experience for users, yet it keeps the process simple by removing any clutter you may see from other competitors. We appreciate that a main feature presents results to all surveys and quizzes without you having to adjust any settings.

As mentioned, the free plugin works wonders for simple surveys, but features like data exports and student logins require the premium package. As for the overall design of the surveys, they look somewhat academic, again stripping out the non-essentials, for a minimalistic feel and black and white plaintext surveys.

You set the grading scale and tell Watu Quiz to calculate the grades and send them back to the user. This may also prove helpful for surveys to reveal results.

Watu Quiz WordPress plugin
Watu Quiz WordPress plugin

What’s interesting is that you can assign negative points for certain answers. This may come across as a funny element for surveys, but other times you might want to use negative point systems to evaluate your own services – and in that case, keep the information to yourself.

For placing surveys on your websites, simply make a post and use the embeddable code. Then, go to the management module in WordPress to change questions, see analytics, and check on users.


The core plugin is free. Watu Pro lists three payment options: a starter pack at $47, Watu Pro + an Intelligence Module at $87, and a full bundle of all the developer’s tools for $137.

You incur no monthly or yearly fees. The plugin comes with free customer support as well, beating out the vast majority of survey plugins in the pricing game.

Features That Make This a Top WordPress Survey Plugin

  • Generate as many surveys as you want. The Watu Quiz plugin provides support for exams and quizzes too, using a grading scale for you to quantify survey results.
  • The answer options include single-choice, multiple-choice, text-based answers, and many more.
  • The survey and quiz results get counted based on a wide variety of factors. You choose from percentages, points, performance per question, and other options.
  • Import questions from other plugins or CSV files.
  • The plugin offers a feature for copying completed surveys for use in other templates. Reuse your questions and answers, then mix them around or remove the items that don’t make sense for other surveys.
  • You have options for placing surveys on your site with embed codes or shortcodes. This expands the places to insert the surveys, opening up areas like sidebars and footers.
  • The social sharing tools make simple Facebook and Twitter buttons to go on the surveys.
  • The analytics, paired with segment-based information, present data in a readable fashion.
  • Provide question hints to your users if you feel that some questions are harder than others.
  • Security elements include a reCaptcha module to test if people taking the quiz are real or robots.
  • After results come in from a survey, the plugin provides filters, sorting buttons, and search bars. You benefit from this situation by not having to sift through too much data.
  • All surveys have a setting to send out an email to admins and respondents with the results from the survey.
  • The rich text editor empowers you to place media items on your survey, while also keeping the design process familiar for those using WordPress.
  • Not all surveys must be completed in one sitting. There’s a setting that lets users continue a survey or quiz they saved in the past.
  • If you’re in a hurry to receive results, set a timer to ensure that users finish surveys or quizzes in a reasonable time period.
  • Randomized questions help with changing the questions for users who may not want to go through the same questions, or if you want to prevent cheating on an exam.
  • The plugin lets you collect contact information from survey participants, turning this process into a marketing option as well.

Form Plugins That Offer Survey Capabilities

It’s not uncommon for plugin developers to pack various tools into one plugin, making their products more like software suites. These are typically more expensive but they provide several form-based capabilities, including the ability to make surveys with the form-builder features.

Some include surveys as built-in features, while others require you to purchase an addon. Here’s a list of our favorites.

7. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a well-known premium form building plugin meant for making powerful forms without many limitations. So, you could put together a simple contact form, an in-depth bug-logging system, or a survey for collecting detailed data from customers.

The primary advantage behind Gravity Forms is the unmatched drag-and-drop builder. It provides over 30 form fields and a beginner is able to understand it.


Gravity Forms WordPress plugin - WordPress survey plugins
Gravity Forms WordPress plugin

Keep in mind, however, the Survey Addon is required to gain access to the survey functionality. It’s possible to make a basic survey with the standard Gravity Forms plugin, but the Survey Addon incorporates elements like survey results, user interaction, and market research tools.

Gravity Forms excels because it takes advanced survey modules and makes them easy to use for everyone.


$259 per year. There are cheaper Gravity Forms plans, but the Elite License is required to use the Survey Addon.

Features That Make This a Top WordPress Survey Plugin

  • The surveys are configured using both drag-and-drop and visual builder elements, making for a simple and intuitive design experience.
  • Several unique and standard field types are available, such as multiple choice answers and Likert questions.
  • You can post any survey on your WordPress site with the click of a button. After that, updates are automatically rendered without inserting new code.
  • View survey results to see an aggregated and organized collection of the responses.
  • Over 30 form fields are available from the plugin.
  • You have options for conditional logic, which may remove fields or add them based on the previous survey question response.
  • Receive email notifications when a survey response is registered.
  • Ask for file uploads in your surveys.
  • There are options to limit and schedule survey forms. So, you may want to reveal a survey at a certain time in the future or limit how many times someone takes the survey.
  • Spam tools are available, such as Google reCaptcha and built-in security.

8. Formidable Form Builder

The Formidable Form Builder plugin has a clever name and a sleek user interface for those who enjoy minimalist designs. You can build WordPress surveys without any code, and it also provides options for quote forms and payment acceptance.

This advanced survey builder features options for making everything from polls to surveys and quizzes. Even a few other options are available, such as standard forms and widget questionnaires. We particularly enjoy the email marketing form and calculator, which may serve as survey-like forms for real estate agents and financial services.

The entire goal of the Formidable Form Builder is to gain access to all types of forms. It’s not only a survey creator, but an expandable solution for constructing any type of interactive form-like module you can imagine.

The plugin also assists with making complex forms, like for customer support feedback and bug reporting. After testing, each of the surveys I built looked wonderful on small devices, as the responsive nature of the forms works well with most WordPress themes.

Formidable Form Builder WordPress plugin
Formidable Form Builder WordPress plugin

There are two plugins to choose from, the free and pro version. Both of them are optimized for speed and meant for building basic contact forms and surveys.

Yet, it’s not until you get to the premium version where you’ll start to see features for smart forms, quizzes, and conditional logic. The plugin also features quite a few form APIs, payment forms, and marketing integrations like for PayPal and Stripe. It’s an all-in-one solution for those interested in top-notch survey creation tools.


The core plugin is free to use. The premium version starts at $149 per year and goes up to $599 per year for all business features.

The developers typically hold sales on a regular basis, so it’s a good idea to look out for those.

Features That Make This a Top WordPress Survey Plugin

  • Generate unlimited forms with unlimited entries on your website. You can have several forms on one page and one website and include them in places like footers and sidebars.
  • You can include file uploads on your forms and surveys, asking people to upload screenshots or information they have about whatever feedback they provide.
  • Link surveys to services like AWeber and MailChimp to collect email addresses from your customers and build a list.
  • Create multi-page surveys if you have loads of information you’d like to collect via your surveys.
  • Collect payments via your surveys.
  • Display your survey data after each user submits their forms. This is done with the help of visuals and graphs, but it’s also possible to list simple text.
  • The beautiful reports are great for seeing graphs and charts from the data that comes in from your surveys. The plugin does provide a drag-and-drop survey builder where you move around modules and don’t have to mess with any coding.
  • The multi-page polls are excellent for gathering large amounts of information. You can also add a progress bar to these surveys since it’s sometimes difficult for users to tell how long the survey will take.
  • Use the visual styler to ensure that your surveys match the colors and styles on your website. Choose from different colors, sizes, and formats. There’s a smart question branching feature that lets you move around responses to answers based on smart conditional logic.
  • The plugin comes with various templates so you never have to begin designing a survey from scratch. Some of the survey templates include employee satisfaction, customer service, and cancellation surveys.
  • Give your survey-takers a better feel for their answers by providing a roundup of all of their answers before they hit the submit button.
  • Choose from several integrations to boost the functionality of your surveys. Some of the integrations include CRMs, automation tools, and email marketing services.

9. eForm

The eForm WordPress survey plugin is a premium solution. Its popularity on CodeCanyon is due to its combination of survey features, payment elements, and quizzes.

You can add a Stripe or PayPal button to your survey or quiz and integrate it with several other tools through Zapier. There are also a few direct integrations, like if you wanted to link it to MailChimp.

eForm WordPress plugin
eForm WordPress plugin

The template library is an excellent place to start your design, seeing as how it helps with categorizing and filtering the templates to locate things like payment forms or surveys. You can also choose from specific surveys, covering everything from service booking forms to teacher evaluations.

The overall design of the surveys deserves admiration. They’re sleek and simple, yet provide useful and unique tools like sliders and multi-page questionnaires.


The plugin sells for a one-time payment of $39.

Features That Make This a Top WordPress Survey Plugin

  • Create your surveys using shortcodes, the standalone editor, or the Gutenberg editor.
  • Generate surveys and forms with payment collections and data consolidation. The data management is easy to understand and the reports provide a visual picture of how people responded to your surveys.
  • The plugin integrates with dozens of third-party tools like AWeber, MailChimp, and reCaptcha.
  • User management is available for asking people to log into your survey or website prior to completing any questions. The reports and statistics are visual and provide trends to help you make decisions in the future.
  • The “adventure workflow” feature is there for adding conditional logic to your surveys and delivering messages based on what answers are given.
  • The plugin includes social sharing for users to post their results on places like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Link the plugin to Google Analytics and track user experiences on your surveys.
  • There are many templates to choose from to expedite your design process and make sure you get the right questions implemented for your purposes.
  • Place number and rating fields on your surveys to get numerical information from your customers that go well with graphs.
  • The plugin includes several useful features for automatically saving progress and accepting file uploads..

4 Alternatives to a WordPress Survey Plugin

We also recommend researching other survey builders that may not have a WordPress plugin for a direct integration with your site.

The reason for this is because premium survey builders typically offer a small bit of code to embed a survey you build.

The downside is that you don’t receive survey statistics or management tools in the WordPress dashboard. However, you may find that features from alternative survey builders serve your needs better.

Examples of survey builders without WordPress plugins include:

  • Survey Monkey – A basic free plan with premium plans starting at $25 per month.
  • Survey Planet – Free plan with premium starting at $20 per month.
  • Google Forms – Free (starting at $6 per month for additional features in G Suite).
  • Typeform – Limited free plan with premium starting at $35 per month.

Which WordPress Survey Plugin Is Right for You?

Our list looks like a lot, but it’s actually a small fragment of the survey plugins available to you through places like the WordPress Plugin Repository, CodeCanyon, and sold on private developer websites.

Therefore, we feel that this list is a great place to start since we’ve whittled the research down to the absolute best.

If you still find yourself confused, here are some final suggestions for each WordPress survey plugin:

  1. YOP Poll – Here’s an extremely inexpensive premium plugin with a free version. We like the unique survey scheduling.
  2. Quiz And Survey Master – Go with this plugin if you’re interested in premade templates and funnel optimization.
  3. Modal Survey – As another inexpensive, one-time fee plugin, Modal Survey makes exporting and importing and conditional-based messaging easy.
  4. CrowdSignal – We enjoy this plugin for highly advanced form and survey functions. The theme collection is large and you’re able to upload media elements.
  5. Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage – This one works well because of its large template collection, low pricing, and a modern design process.
  6. Watu Quiz – This one is useful for advanced quizzes with the added bonus of survey building.
  7. Gravity Forms – Consider this plugin if you’re looking for a premium solution with support for several types of forms – and if you don’t mind paying for the extra survey addon.
  8. Formidable Form Builder – Consider this plugin for minimalist designs and linking to email marketing services.
  9. eForm – Think about this option if you’d like to pay a small one-time fee and utilize shortcodes or the Gutenberg editor to insert your surveys.

Now it’s your turn: which survey plugins and/or tools have you used in the past? Let us know in the comments section!

Matteo Duò Kinsta

Head of Content at Kinsta and Content Marketing Consultant for WordPress plugin developers. Connect with Matteo on Twitter.