Matthew Barby

matthew barby

Anyone who is familiar with SEO and digital marketing practices knows Matthew Barby. His articles and case studies are frequently featured on leading SEO related websites like Moz, Search Engine Land or Search Engine Journal. On his personal site he shares useful tips and advice with his audience.

I run a number of websites so the most important thing for me is that when an issue arises (which it inevitably will), I get a response from my provider as soon as possible. Tom and the Kinsta team have not only responded quickly to any of my questions but they went above and beyond to get everything set up for me and even give me advice on how I could further optimise my sites to get the most out of them. As a result, my sites are running lightening fast, I feel assured that the Kinsta team have everything under control and I’m even paying less than I was before!

3.84s load time before Kinsta 1.05s load time at Kinsta.

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